Recent Invited Lectures

Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), April 14th, 2015 “Climate Change in Central Asia: Existential Threat or Chimera?”

University of Toronto, “Central Asia Lecture Series” February 28th, 2014 talk title “Movement, Place, and National Identity: Kyrgyzstan‟s Green Tinged Gold Mining Politics”

University of Pittsburgh/Carnegie Mellon Short Course on Central Asia, an annual “Muslims in Global Context” series, March 21-22 2014, talk title “Discourses about ‘Nature’ and ‘Resources’ in Post-Soviet Central Asia”

Columbia University, Harriman Institute April 10th, 2014, talk title “Movement, Identity, & Environmental Discourses: Kyrgyzstan’s Gold Mining Politics”

Claremont Graduate University, April 19, 2013 “Another Way of Saying Enough: Environmental Concern and Popular Mobilization in Kyrgyzstan”

Kennan Institute, Woodrow Wilson Center, Spotlight on Central Eurasia Series Seminar “Environmental Politics in Eurasia” April 18, 2012

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