Conference Presentations

  • ASN (Association for the Study of Nationalities) April 2015 conf. panel “Engineering Identity: Multiple Wives, Multiple Dams and Multinationals in Central Asia.” Paper titled “Glaciers, Dams, and Nationalism in Kyrgyzstan”
  • AAG (Association of American Geographers) April 2015 conference, copresenter with Janine Glather, Jaclyn Tules and Nicole Bakemen (student research assistants), “Using GIS to engage undergraduate students in the cycle of research, teaching, and scholarship”
  • SfAA (Society for Applied Anthropology) March 2015 “Glacial Movement, Justice & Satellite Imagery: Contesting Kyrgyzstan‟s Mines” on panel “Engaging Extraction: Challenges to Corporate-led Mining” at SfAA
  • ISA (International Studies Association) 2015 “The Impacts of China’s Industry in Border Discourses: The View from Kyrgyzstan”
  • Presenter & panel organizer, CESS (Central Eurasian Studies Society) 2014 “Why Not Uranium? What the Absence of Protests Tells us about Environmental Mobilization in Kyrgyzstan” in panel Societal Power: Protests Politics & Nationalisms in Central Asia
  • APSA (American Political Science Association) 2014 “The Green Sheen in Kyrgyzstan‟s Gold Mining Politics” in conference theme panel “The Spatial Dynamics of Protest”
  • Bucknell “China & Innovation” Conference April 2014 “The Impacts of China’s Industry in Border Discourses: The View from Kyrgyzstan”
  • CESS 2013 roundtable “The State of Social Mobilization in Cent. Eurasia”
  • ISA 2013 “Protest Learning Curves: The Case of Gold Mining in Kyrgyzstan”
  • Accepted Association for Slavic, East European, & Eurasian Studies (AASEEES) Nov. 2011
  • International Studies Association (ISA) “Environmental Concern and Popular Mobilization in Kyrgyzstan: Mapping Hot Spots and Measuring the Public-Elite Opinion Gap” Mar 2011
  • International Studies Association (ISA) “Weak State or Poor Geography? Explaining Kyrgyzstan‟s 2010 Revolution” March 2011
  • Association for the Study of Nationalities, “The „Osh Events‟ 2010: Conflict Precursors, Post-Conflict Narratives and Potential Future Resource Triggers” April 2011
  • Poster Presenter, American Political Science Association (APSA), Sept. 2010
  • “Environmental Concern and Popular „Mobilizability‟ in Kyrgyzstan: Identifying and Mapping Hot Spots and Measuring the Public-Expert Opinion Gap ”
  • Central Eurasian Studies Society, Oct. 2009, “Environmental Concern and Popular ‘Mobilizability’  in Kyrgyzstan: Identifying Public Opinion, Elite Perceptions & Conflict”
  • Co-Presenter, International Studies Association, March 2008, “What Did Rome Ever Do for Us? State Capacity, Water Resources & Conflict”, co-authored with Dr. Ismene Gizelis
  • Co-Presenter, International Studies Association, 2007, “‟With a Little Help from My Friends‟: International Water Cooperation & Civil Conflict”, with Ismene Gizelis & Kathy Powers
  • Co-Presenter, American Political Science Association (APSA) annual conference, Sept. 2005, “What Did Rome Ever Do for Us? State Capacity, Water Resources & Conflict”
  • International Studies Association, March 2005, “Linking Development, Rule of Law and Environmental Policy Reform in Georgia & Armenia”
  • Peace Science Society International, Nov 2004 conference, “Economic Disparity & Environmental Conflict: Does Social Strife Affect Environmental Kuznets Curve Analysis?”
  • Roundtable Participant & Organizer, Central Eurasian Studies Society (CESS), Oct. 2004 conference, “Georgia’s Recent Transition: Lessons for the Caucasus & Central Asia?”
  • International Studies Association (ISA) (March 2004) “The Divergence Between Theory, Practice and Reality: Water Degradation and the Environmental Kuznets Curve”
  • Presenter and Panel Organizer, Central Eurasia Studies Society (CESS) (Oct. 2003) “Environmental Policy and Sequence of Political and Economic Reform in Central Asia”
  • Midwest Political Science Association (MPSA) (April 2003) “Economy, Ecology, Conflict: Direct Answers to an Indirect Relationship”
  • ISA (Feb. 2003); “To Be or Not to Be an Environmental Kuznets Curve”

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